Design of UMTS network for large UK 3G operator.

Choice of site location and site design.

Pre and Post launch optimization and upgrade.

Optimising a mature 3G network in SE Asia.

Recommendations for parameter changes.

Neighbour list generation and optimisation.

Design and testing of installation for an in vehicle  mobile data terminal for a UK Breakdown recovery service’s patrol force.

Upgrading of the companies national MPT1327 network to digital PMR prior to terminal testing in UK and Europe.

Testing of roaming functionality between 3G networks in UK and Asia.

Drive testing and data analysis of UK network for 3G operator.

Merging of two 2G networks and upgrading of the network to 3G/UMTS for US mobile operator.

Pre and Post launch optimisation, ongoing customer support and network improvement.

Network Planning and Rollout

Network Testing

Mobile Data (PMR)

Mature Network Optimisation

Initial Network Optimisation

Our Experience

“Engineering Your Wireless World”

Windhorse Consultants is a young company that has the ability to deliver a great deal of experience to projects.


On this page you will find examples of projects that expertise within our company has helped to deliver.




End to end system architecture for national rollout of HSPA network for major UK  operator.

Transmission and backhaul Network modeling and capacity analysis.


Network Architecture Design/ Analysis

Subject matter expertise for development of a new optimization service for a blue chip mobile equipment vendor.

Advice on service strategy, Delivery, Carrying out deployment trials and service validation projects.


Service Development and Delivery

Advising a service provider on best practice and industry trends.

Service strategy and development of methodologies for competitive, commercially viable product for delivery to blue chip clients.

Business and Industry Analysis

Femtocell Testing and Validation

Testing and customer acceptance project of 3G Femtocells for a major European operator and a blue chip vendor.

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